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Who is TinaKitten? All about the charming 100 Thieves Twitch star

Christina “TinaKitten” Kenyon, also known as Tina, is a Twitch variety streaming star and member of the popular esports and general gaming organization 100 Thieves.

From growing up with the goal of being the class clown to “fit in” to now being a highly beloved creator known for her endearing and charming personality, TinaKitten has become a streaming icon.

TinaKitten is regarded by all her streaming friends and the community she has cultivated as an overwhelming beacon of positivity and kindness.

After moving from South Korea to America, TinaKitten grew up noticing people viewed her differently because of her appearance. She didn’t fully realize it at the time, but now reflects on her past and recognizes that the racism she experienced fueled her desire to be noticed beyond her appearance and led to her attempting to become a class clown who would be known for her personality rather than perceived for her looks.

While her goal was to become known for her funny personality and “fit in” better because of this, TinaKitten still ultimately ended up mostly isolating herself from others.

As many others have also done, TinaKitten sought refuge and disconnection from the real world in the imaginary worlds of video games.

Her love of gaming began while she was seeking to escape from reality. She had no plans to get into streaming and simply played games because enjoyed them.

Although she’s been around Twitch since she was about 14 to 15 years old, it wasn’t until the end of 2019 that TinaKitten fully committed to streaming and began to gain a steady faction of fans and a solid following. Between 2019 and 2020, the star saw rapid success as she continuously gained massive amounts of followers on Twitch during this time period. Her growth has only increased further as in 2022 she now boasts over 1,200,000 followers on Twitch.

Her sudden and rapid climb in fame originated from when she decided to play Among Us, as is the case with many other streamers who also increased unprecedented immediate growth. TinaKitten was a member of the most well-known group that rose to fame playing Among Us, which is a group that includes some of the biggest names in streaming like Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and Disguised Toast.

She rose to fame quickly during this time period and received such a high outpouring of love and support that she would even cry after the streams ended simply out of utmost happiness.

Even though she was seeing success, it wasn’t until Oct. 28, 2020 when TinaKitten first hit 100,000 followers that she realized she could actually do streaming as a full-time job. Before this happened, she had believed she could continue to stream for the rest of her life and never hit this number. After it happened, the number only continued to grow beyond her expectations and it was then that TinaKitten came to realize she could make streaming her full-time profession.

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